Pixel Sorted Cory Doctorow

FTR! is offering Jonathan Worth’s photographs of author Cory Doctorow, licensed under CC BY 3.0 in order to be remixed!

I downloaded cory001.jpg / cory005.jpg film strips, cropped them to individual frames, colour graded using lookup tables, messed up the channels, exported the frames as animated gifs and pass them through Processing, using Kim Asendorf’s ASDF Pixel Sort code, modified version for GIF input by Sam Walker.

The animated GIFs below are licensed under CC BY 3.0 which means you are free to use, share and remix! Tweet/email me if you make something new or post it on FTR! page or subreddit.

Download Collection (ZIP 12.4MB)


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For The Remix!
Jonathan Worth
Cory Doctorow
CC BY 3.0
cory001.jpg / cory005.jpg
Kim Asendorf
ASDF Pixel Sort
Sam Walker
Animated Pixel Sort