DMLL Event Programme

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab, DMLL hosted a two-day event celebrating innovative, experimental and connected ways of teaching and learning in higher education and beyond.


I was commissioned to design the event’s programme. After carefully considering the amount of information we decided to go for A3 format with an 8-page french fold.

The colour scheme played a significant part in building a clear hierarchy to accommodate the breadth of the events talking place. There were multiple tracks, demos happening in coffee breaks and exhibitor stalls throughout the day.

We decided it would be best to categorise by room. All events in amaranth red were presented by guest speakers, events in pacific blue were facilitated by DMLL speakers and pearl aqua (teal) represented the events happening in coffee/lunch breaks and exhibitor stalls.

There was a lot of information and meta-information associated with each event, which meant finding a way to de-clutter a very busy view, while remaining readable and usable, when scanning through.

Each event included the following; Title, Speaker Name, Room, Time and Description.

Inspired by mobile calendars and web UI patterns, I experimented with cards, which allowed me to set a prominent header area for the most important information such as title/speaker and room/time, denoted boldly by the respective accent colour.

This pattern allowed the reader to quickly scan through the page without being distracted by the the text blocks, which were taking up most of the real-estate

The pearl aqua sidebar included the events’ exhibitor stalls, along with relevant information and links.


originally posted on Behance.