Analogue to Digital / Digital to Analogue

Sean Carroll
Lauren Thatcher
Oliver Sharpe
Kate Green
Joseph Kesisoglou
Imogen Wall
Joshua Farmer
Sophie Moet

“Analog to digital, Digital to analog and the art of databending” installation was on display during the #Picbod13 group exhibition, which took place in a warehouse of Fargo Village in Coventry, between 8 and 10 March 2013. Visit this archived html file which served as the digital counterpart of the physical exhibition. Along with the photographs you will find information on the process and a timeline with archived tweets from early 2013.

Video Installation
31:02 minutes

The video explores the transition from analogue to digital media and vice versa. The results are visualized by the databended files. The images loop in random intervals for 30 minutes with background sounds from Kim Cascone, Scanner, Steve Roden and true white noise generated from (full credits list at 30:13).

10:01 minutes

This is a shorter version created in response to the GLI.TC/H call for submissions, which showcased during the Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield. The background sound has been replaced to this audio narrative collated from NASA recordings. The video is currently part of the repository.

In addition to the Coventry exhibition, we were invited to exhibit a shorter version in Santander Photo 2013 in Spain, whose organisers were participating remotely in the open classes.