Hi, I am Joseph a versatile strategic designer. I like to define myself as an orchestrator, bringing together people and instruments, facts and emotions, method and intuition for creating harmony in a complex world.

I became a designer in order to bring my curiosity and creativity into solving the hardest problems. My passion for technology, wellbeing and ecological thinking, have nurtured a mindset for meaningful innovation, always striving for a holistic and humane approach.


I provide expertise in creating future visions, a strategy to get there, visualising and building the concept(s) and prototype(s) necessary to communicate the value and align your stakeholders. My areas of strength are in digital innovation for product/service experience and supply chains/networks, in the automotive, aviation, ICT, education and energy sectors.


Together we can bring to life your digital products and services, launch campaigns which reflect your brand values, and nurture a strong innovation mindset, able to push your organisation forward in an increasingly complex world.


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